• indigo batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Indigos!

    This is a much sought –after dye, much used for Batik, Tie & Dye, block printing and other kinds of Dyeing. Naturally, it’s a favourite with Moksha too! Indigo is a deep midnight blue. It is a combination of deep blue and violet and holds the attributes of both these colours . There are no …

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  • orange batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Oranges!

    Moksha is inspired by the colour of the eastern sky at dawn and the colour of the western sky at dusk when the sky is streaked with orange; we are also inspired by the humble orange fruit or the ‘palash’ flower in spring or the orange-headed thrush.

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  • grey batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Greys!

    Grey is a personal favourite. So naturally, it gets used in Moksha but a little sparingly. The dye is a little unpredictable so we don’t risk using it very often. But more importantly, we keep it a little elusive. Grey does not have too many variants – just Light Grey and Dark Grey.

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  • red batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Reds!

    Red is a huge favourite in Moksha – especially since we operate from Bengal and the biggest occasions in Bengal (Durga Puja and Noboborsho) are associated with Red. It is considered an auspicious colour, the colour of ‘sindoor’ and the colour of prosperity.

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  • green saree

    Colour Edition: The Greens!

    Green is another Moksha favourite – especially when we use leaf motifs and designs inspired by Nature. And there are so many shades of green to play around with, to mix and match, to combine and it just goes to show how wealthy Nature is and what a basket of colours it has to offer …

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  • brown saree

    Colour Edition: The Browns!

    Moksha uses a lot of brown – all the shades of Brown — Light Brown, Dark brown, Tan, Ivory and Beige. It probably has to do with the preferred fabric in Moksha which is Tussur and absorbs the brown dye quite happily!

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  • kantha stitch


    Moksha uses Kantha, a Bengal skill, to embellish another Bengal skill, Batik on sarees –mostly Tussurs, Silks and Crepes. Buy Kantha Sarees.

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  • block print

    Block Printing

    Moksha specialises in Batik work but we use Block printing too either on its own or to add value to a Batik-worked or Kantha-stitched saree.

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  • What is Batik?

    Moksha specialises in Batik and is committed to saving this extremely difficult skill from vanishing into oblivion. Many of my clients have asked me what Batik is and why I keep saying it is so difficult to create a product or why it takes so long to deliver a saree or a kurta material. This …

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  • Inspirations

    The Sun inspires me – it’s that perennial source of energy and always lifts gloom. Coffee does too..anytime, anywhere, though I have to admit, I am a little partial about Starbucks. And I find the Owl completely fascinating .. and its alleged wisdom too!

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