• white batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Whites!

    Purity, innocence, wholeness and completion, White is the colour of perfection. Some of the prettiest sights of Nature are white—the snow-covered mountains, the glaciers, the polar bear, the white tiger, white flowers… the list is endless.

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  • Colour Edition: The Blacks!

    Mysterious and secretive, a symbol of the unknown, dramatic and bold, the colour of mourning and of high couture, Black is perhaps the most intriguing in the colour family. The references to the rare Black Rose in Literature, to the raven who said “Nevermore”, to Bageera in Kipling’s Jungle Book, and the Black Hole that …

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  • blue batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Blues!

    The sky, the seas, the tranquil image that it can conjure in your mind, the sense of expanse it can give, the nostalgia it can evoke – Blue has endless ways of touching our lives! So many shades to choose from –the Pale Blue, the Sky Blue, the Azure Blue, the Dark Blue—all colours of …

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  • yellow batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Yellows

    Yellow is the colour of the sun, the sunlight, of all things bright and beautiful. Moksha had begun its journey with the study of the Sun and how the Sun was worshipped by different civilizations across the planet. So the colour Yellow features quite often in our designs –on its own or in combination with …

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  • pink batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Pinks!

    From the colour of the baby girl’s nursery to the pink of a rose in full bloom, from pink ribbons to strawberry ice cream and cakes, from a lake full of flamingo birds to Women’s empowerment in the 21st century — Pink is one huge favourite with everyone. At Moksha too.

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  • indigo batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Indigos!

    This is a much sought –after dye, much used for Batik, Tie & Dye, block printing and other kinds of Dyeing. Naturally, it’s a favourite with Moksha too! Indigo is a deep midnight blue. It is a combination of deep blue and violet and holds the attributes of both these colours . There are no …

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  • orange batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Oranges!

    Moksha is inspired by the colour of the eastern sky at dawn and the colour of the western sky at dusk when the sky is streaked with orange; we are also inspired by the humble orange fruit or the ‘palash’ flower in spring or the orange-headed thrush.

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  • grey batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Greys!

    Grey is a personal favourite. So naturally, it gets used in Moksha but a little sparingly. The dye is a little unpredictable so we don’t risk using it very often. But more importantly, we keep it a little elusive. Grey does not have too many variants – just Light Grey and Dark Grey.

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  • red batik saree

    Colour Edition: The Reds!

    Red is a huge favourite in Moksha – especially since we operate from Bengal and the biggest occasions in Bengal (Durga Puja and Noboborsho) are associated with Red. It is considered an auspicious colour, the colour of ‘sindoor’ and the colour of prosperity.

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